• Changes in the address of parents or guardians must be intimated to the school in writing immediately.
  • Parents are requested not to disturb their wards and the teachers during the class hours.
  • Parent’s attendance for the invited functions will be highly appreciated in the interest of their own wards.
  • It will be the responsibility of parents to get to know from their wards the instruction and make due acknowledgements in the link book.
  • Parents are requested to check the link book daily, for home assignments, teacher’s note to parents etc, and initial them on their own even if the children were not to show the link book to the parents.
  • Parents are advised not to make telephone calls to their wards. However message for their wards may be left with the school office.
  • Parents are not allowed to conduct any employee of the school, in any matter relating to the child and the school without prior permission of the principal.


    Grade KG, I & II

  • Pre-primary and grades 1 and 2 will just have continuous assessments/comprehensive evaluation through worksheets, projects and student portfolio all through the year. The other methods of assessment are observation schedules checklist, anecdotal records, classroom participation, and class notes.

    Grade III to VIII

  • The school follows CBSE syllabus and CCE pattern of assessments that will have four Periodical Tests and two Summative Assessments (PT 1, PT 2, & SA 1 in the first term and PT 3, PT 4, and SA 2 in the second term).

    Grade IX

  • The school follows CBSE syllabus and CCE pattern of assessments that will have three Periodical Tests (PT 1, PT 2, PT 3 and Annual Examination).

    Grade X

  • The school follows CBSE syllabus and CCE pattern of assessments that will have three Periodical Tests (PT 1, PT 2, PT 3 and Annual Examination).
  • CBSE conducts the Annual examination for Class 10 every year in the month of March. The results are announced by the end of May.



Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation is a process to provide the learner through assessment of both scholastic and Co-Scholastic of development over the total span of learning time.

As it is spread over a period of two years in classes IX & X, it provides several opportunities for the school to identify learnt of the leaner’s different domain.


Overall performance is to be decided on the basis of achievement in the Scholastic as well as in the Co-Scholastic areas.

Minimum quality Grade is D in all the subjects in scholastic domain.


For promotion from Secondary (Class 10) to Senior Secondary (Class 11-12), a student must obtain 33% marks in that subject.

Originally, the passing criteria were set such that a student had to get 33% in both the theory and practical components.

For a student who does not manage to pass up to two subjects, he/she can write the compartment in those subjects in July. For those who fail the compartment, or those who fail in three subjects or more, he/she must rewrite all the subjects taken in the next year.

  • Regular attendance is a must, except under unavoidable circumstances as it badly affect the progress of the pupil.
  • Leave of absence will be granted for sufficient reason by only on application from parents or guardians. Students who absent themselves without sanctioned leave must bring from their parents or guardians a note of satisfactory explanation. Leave of absence should be entered in the school diary.
  • If a student suffers from an infectious disease, parents should keep the child at home till the danger of infection has passed.
  • Absenting oneself before examination will mean a deduction of two marks in every subject.
  • Irregular attendance or repeated absence renders a student liable to dismissal.



  1. Student must attend the morning assembly without fail. Late comers to the school will be allowed to enter the class only with the permission of the principal.
  2. Students may be allowed to leave the school only with the permission of the principal, before or during the normal schedule.
  3. Students shall meet the principal only during recess or outside the class hour.
  4. Home assignments must be done neatly and regularly and submitted on the due date.
  5. Students should not come to the school during holidays/vacation without the permission of the principal.
  6. No student or parent can arrange felicitation or offer any gift to the members of the Southside International School staff.
  7. Students are expected to greet the teacher and elders whenever the students go in groups, especially to the prayer, physical Education, & library classes.
  8. Queue habit should be followed whenever the students go in groups, especially to the prayer, Physical Education, & Library Classes.
  9. During the break and interval, the students should not shout or run here and there or play.


  1. Students shall keep their classes and the school premises a litter free zone.
  2. Students are forbidden to scribble on the boards, walls or furniture of this school. Any damage in the school property will be compensated from the students.
  3. Any act which affects the fame of the school will be views very seriously.
  4. Misdemeanor such as hand in pockets, dirty/worn out shoes, discourtesy to staff/visitors/fellow students, immodest valuable ornaments, huge amount of money etc, are strictly forbidden.
  5. It’s the responsibility of every student to take care of his/her belongings, No students will bring any valuable articles or money to the school.
  6. High standard of conduct and behavior’s is expected of every student with regard to speech and action in all manifestation.
  7. The school will be named as English zone. So, whenever you are entering the zone converse only in English with all.
  8. To acquire fluency in English, only English should be spoken in the premises and in the buses.
  9. The link book should be brought to the school daily.
  10. Proper uniform includes decent hair cut for boys and hair put up tidily for girls.
  11. No student is permitted to engage any of the Southside International school teachers as private tutors.
  12. Students should move about the building in a quiet orderly manner, while walking down the corridors they should walk towards the left and folding their both the hands at the back. Students should attend all the functions.
  13. Students are expected to take part in all the extra – curricular activities of the school and no one will be exempted.
  14. Children should not be absent during the days of examinations.
  15. No examinations will be conducted to any student again for any circumstances.


  1. The school Prospectus and admission form is available from the school office in the month of February.
  2. Admission to class L.K.G. to class IX are based on an admission test and interview of the child. Child will be tested in three subjects i.e. English, Hindi and Mathematics.
  3. Admission test are held in the month of March every year.
  4. In regard to admission of the child the decision of the Principal will be final.
The minimum eligibility age for different classes as on the 31st March is as follows:–
KG I 3 Years
KG II 4 Years
I 5 Years (One has to complete 5+ as on March 31st)
II 6 Years
III 7 Years
IV 8 Years
V 9 Years
VI 10 Years
VII 11 Years
VIII 12 Years
IX 13 Years
  • At the time of registration, photocopy of annual report card of previous school is to be submitted. No child will be admitted without transfer certificate obtained from last school attended.
    At the time of admission following documents are to be submitted with Admission form:
  1. Photo copy of Birth certificate.
  2. Transfer certificate of last institution.
  3. Latest Photograph – 3 copies.
  4. Report card of previous school attended.
  5. Photo copy of Aadhaar card.
  6. Photo copy of Community Certificate.


  1. Withdrawals are allowed on application for Transfer Certificate by the parents.
  2. A month’s notice in writing is required for withdrawal of a pupil from the school.
  3. The Transfer Certificate shall be given to those who have settled all their dues.
  4. Transfer applications made after the reopening of the school after a particular term will not be entertained unless fees and all other payments due for that ensuing term is paid fully by the parent.
  5. Disciplinary action will be taken against any student who is found to have used unfair means in the Periodic Test and if the student concerned continue to repeat the offence he / she will be required to be withdrawn.



  • The school does not permit taking of photo or video shots of the annual days, sports days and other functions by the parents and others. The school will arrange on its own for photos and video shots. Children can avail these requirements from the teacher-in-charge, on payment of necessary charges, a couple of days after these functions.


  1. It will be parent’s responsibility to ensure that their wards use the correct route number and stage both ways. School will no way be responsible for this. Transport facility on request is being provided only on this condition.
  2. Parents are requested not to ask for stages to suit individual conveniences of school in future.
  3. Management has every right to change or to cancel any stage(s) according to the convenience of the school in future.


  • Bridge day is a very important programme of our school. These bridge days provide an opportunity for the parents to interact with the teachers, to get to know the progress of their child in academics and other pursuits in the school.
  • All parents are requested to make it convenient to attend bridge days without fail.
  • Date of the bridge days will be intimated to the parents through the link book.
  • Examinations papers will be handed over to the parents on the bridge days. They must carefully examine the papers, and make other remarks and do the needful to improve their area of weakness and instill regular habits of Endeavour for better achievement.


“Sports not only build better athletes but also better people”

We believe that it is important for all students to continue with regular physical activity which places increasing demands on them, improves their flexibility and mobility, building up strength, stamina and self confidence so that students willingly participate in worthwhile activities at school and leisure pursuits in later life.

Along with academic training the school attaches special emphasis to physical cultural and moral progress of the students. The school offers facilities for variety of games and sports like Physical training, athletics, cricket, football, Kho—Kho and Badminton.

Discipline is an integral part of the learning process

To Students

  • All students should take part in the morning assembly in an orderly and respectful manner.
  • They should be in their classrooms at the first bell and maintain silence. Classes will commence at the first bell.
  • Each student must bring their Link Book to school every day and have it with them in every class.
  • Students should keep silence and decorum in the classrooms and corridors.
  • They are not allowed to loiter around unnecessarily. If found loitering disciplinary action will be initiated.
  • They should not leave their classrooms or enter other classrooms without permission.
  • They should move silently in a line.
  • They are not allowed to enter staff room without permission or in the absence of any teacher. Only class leaders are allowed to enter by permission.
  • Speaking in English is compulsory at the school, in the bus and while waiting at the bus stop to board the bus.
  • The school premises and classrooms must be kept neat and tidy.
  • Any damage caused to the property of the school must be reported to the Principal and will have to be compensated.
  • Students are responsible for the safe custody of their belonging.
  • The school is a plastic free zone and does not promote students bringing sweets or cakes on their birthdays.
  • Every student shall endeavor to keep up the high standard of the school by excelling in studies, good manners and personal conduct.
  • Politeness and courtesy in speech and conduct as well as cleanliness and grace of person are to be cultivated and cherished.
  • The school expects students to be polite, friendly and well behaved in and outside the school.
  • Any activities of the student outside the school premises or in public places, which may harm the name, reputation and discipline of the school will be addressed and disciplinary action will be initiated if found necessary.
  • Students are discouraged from carrying too much money or any expensive articles to school.
  • They are not permitted to bring iPods, cameras, laptops and other electronic equipment without the permission of the teacher concerned.
  • They are strictly prohibited from bringing or using mobile phones in the school campus. If found in possession the articles will be confiscated.
  • Whenever students are permitted to wear casual clothes, they must be modestly and suitably attired for school.

To Teachers

  • Report for duty in time and to record the exact time of arrival and departure in staff attendance register on every working day.
  • Get the due sanction of the leave from principal before availing and also to observe the leave rules
  • Observe, instruct and help the students to maintain proper discipline and to participate actively in the morning assembly.
  • Check the uniform of the students of the class and recorded the uniform defaulters regularly.
  • Take the roll call of the students of the class and ensure that the same has been recorded in the Daily Attendance Register.
  • Taintain the student’s attendance register properly. Submit them complete in all respects to the principal for checking along with the list of uniform defaulters and absentees on the last working day of every month
  • Utilize first few minutes of the first period to instruct the students regarding uniform, performance in morning assembly, class discipline, maintenance of students’ possessions, class –rooms, general manners, etiquettes and good habits.
  • Make a proper division of books /note books/ work books and ask the students to bring them to the school as per instructions.
  • Make a proper and regular use of the student’s Link book to assign home work and to communicate with the parents.Fill regularly the columns like Home Work Not Done , Note book not brought ,Uniform defaulters , Late coming , Absentee note etc..
  • Prepare and display the class time table and class information chart in the class room.
  • Intimate properly the detailed weekly timetable to the students and parents and the change (if any)
  • Assign the home work regularly. Check and evaluate carefully and thoroughly all the class and home assignments .Put signature with date after checking.
  • Instruct the students , especially the monitors to maintain proper discipline in the class –rooms as well as in the school.
  • Observe the conduct of every student and report to the Principal.
  • Don’t leave the classes unattended in any case.
  • Plan the teaching work in advance.
  • Give due importance to Oral work, Handwriting, Reading, Pronunciation etc
  • Keep pace with advancement in education and make a proper use of latest Teaching aids(AUDIO AND VISUAL)
  • Consult the principal if there is any difficulty or problem regarding syllabus.
  • Submit the Teacher’s lesson plan to the principal for checking in the first period of the first working day of every week.
  • Enlist the difficulties concerning the coverage of the syllabi and record the necessary suggestions and recommendations for improvement.
  • Submit all the documents (lists, reports, results etc) after thorough checking by the stipulated date & time
  • Report if a student is not feeling well or suffering from any ailment or infection.
  • The Management and The Principal ban physical punishment to the student.
  • Inspire, motivate, persuade and guide the students.
  • Speak in English with students and colleagues in the school.
  • Make a careful reading of the circulars and to work accordingly.
  • Perform the House duties and other special and additional duties as assigned sincerely, carefully and with utmost sense of responsibility, co–operation and co–ordination.
  • Make regular efforts to achieve the cherished aims and objectives of the school.
  • Make suggestions and proposals for betterment of the students and school.
  • Don’t entertain the parents in the classes without permission of the principal
  • The week-end seminars are compulsory for every teacher. No leave would be sanctioned on that day.
  • Look into problems of the students and efforts are to be made to solve the same and if needed the matter can be brought into the notice of the principal.
  • Instruct the students , especially the monitors to maintain proper discipline in the class –rooms as well as in the school.
  • Class–in–charge should maintain proper record of leave applications of the students of their respective class.
  • Report the names of the long absentees (continuous absence without any sanction of leave for more than 3 days) in written to the Principal.
  • Report in the class–room as per the time table as soon as the period bell goes without any wastage of time.
  • Utilize the leisure periods in a very useful manner.
  • Guide, encourage, motivate, inspire, help and facilitate the students in the pursuits of studies & activities.
  • Enrich and refresh their knowledge by regular reading of extra reference books/newspapers/magazines and other reading material.
  • Give special & personal attention to slow learners and suggest remedial methods seeking co-operation of the parents for better performance and conduct
  • Give general commands and instructions in English inside outside the class-room to improve the communicative skill of the students.

To Parents

  • Go through your child’s Link book daily for any message for you.
  • Keep track of the daily progress of your child and take remedial action wherever necessary.
  • Criticism of a student’s teacher or the school in the presence of the child should be avoided as it may cause the student to lose respect for the teacher and the school.
  • Parents are welcome to see the Principal on all working days.
  • Parents may meet the teachers only after obtaining permission from the Principal.
  • Meeting the teachers during the class hours is strictly prohibited.
  • The school teachers are not permitted to take tuitions for their own class students. So do not embarrass them with requests to teach your wards privately.
  • After every terminal examination, the parents of those students who have not performed well may be required to meet the principal to take the progress reports in person at the appointed time, which will be intimated through the Link book.
  • The school periodically organize parent – teacher meetings and talks are arranged on child education and child welfare. Attendance of at least one of the parents in such meetings will render such activities productive and useful.
  • Parents should allocate some time regularly for interacting with their wards on all matters pertaining to their education and academic career.
  • Kindly inform the school if there is any change in your address and telephone numbers.
  • Parents are requested to attend the OPEN DAY sessions without fail and respond to the invitation for all the school functions. They should encourage their wards to take part in all the co – curricular and extracurricular contests in the school.
  • If a child fails to reach the school on time he/she will be sent back home.
  • Encourage your child to put in cent percent attendance.
  • Take pride in sending your child to school neatly turned out.

Parent Co-operation

Dear Parents/Guardians

Appropriately organized cooperation between the school and family brings visible benefits. It enables a better understanding of students by teachers and parents, agreeing on the best educational approach, giving mutual assistance and creating the right educational atmosphere at school and at home.


9:10 AM 9:20 AM PRAYER
9.20 AM 10.05 AM I - Period
10.05 AM 10.50 AM II - Period
10.50 AM 11:00 AM INTERVAL
11:00 AM 11.40 AM III - Period
11.40 AM 12.20 PM IV - Period
12.20 PM 12.50 PM Lunch
12:50 PM 01:00 PM DIARY SIGN
01:00 PM 01:45 PM V - Period
01:45 PM 2:30 PM VI - Period
2:30 PM 2:40 PM INTERVAL
02.40 PM 3:25 PM VII - Period
3:25 PM 4:05 PM Coaching

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