Our History

About our Founder & Chair Person

  • The managing trustee and correspondent of this institution, Professor A. Sreenivasan M.Sc., M.Phil., is an eminent personality with accomplished educational experience. He has involved himself in the growth of this institution. His aim is to bring this institution on par excellence.
  • To him, School is a temple of learning where every child should be given a wonderful opportunity to shape his or her future.
  • According to him each individual is to be respected irrespective of race, gender and culture. So special attention is given in the appointments of teaching and non teaching staff in his school.

His focus is

  • On the overall growth of each child.
  • In making them efficient enough to face any challenge in their career with courage and confidence which will lead them to ultimate success in their life when they step out of this institution.
  • Southside International School has been established by the KRR Naidu Telugu minority Educational and charitable trust formed in 2003. The School is situated in the mid way between Sattur and Sivakasi.
  • Southside Schools are popular, attractive schools which are widely recognised as an outstanding educational institutions to study. These schools combine all the advantages of a compact, friendly and inexpensive institutions located in a central place between Sivakasi and Sattur.
  • Southside International has an international reputed faculty and infrastructure.
  • In a past changing academic environment we have exciting and innovative agenda to transform the students to come to the top.
  • The School boasts first rate facilities for CBSE pattern of educational curriculum.
  • By giving the best Spoken English it has committed to make sure its students have the very best experience when they study here.
  • Our School benefits from excellent road and transport link with all the villages in and around.
  • Our school is a confident and forward looking as all the educational institutions and we committed ourselves to create vibrant, cosmopolitan community.
  • We add value to your kid as it gets experience from your family.

We develop:-

  • Study skills
  • Organizational behaviour
  • Group discussion
  • Leadership
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Personality
  • Agility and adaptability
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving skills
  • Effective oral and written communication
  • Curiosity and imaginations

School Emblem

Acknowledge the goals you want to to achieve

Success is not an overnight phenomenon,

Prepare for the future, not what is bygone,

Indulge completely in making yourself believe.

Remember your past, and keep learning,

Engage with positive thoughts, face your fears.

Prepare for a better tomorrow, my peers,

Experience the falls while you are yearning.

Remind yourself that you can go places,

Step up, rise and quit procrastinating,

Pursue the dreams that you have been seeing

Invigorate the zeal, that helps your chases.

Rewind, revisit but never resort to mistakes

Exchange your sweat for making you better

Instill confidence, that you can share later

Never give up, keep doing whatever it takes.

Successful people have at times, failed a lot,

Progress is when you make failure stepping stones

Instead of complaining, crying and sighing moans,

Rejuvinate the vigour, invoke that shaking thought

Excellence has three stages, Aspire, Inspire, Perspire

Aims and Objectives

  • The main aim of Southside International School is to instill in students the ability and conviction to relieve their full potential and excel anywhere in the world.
  • The school offers the kind of education which is well balanced between academics, sports and music reflects a high standard of academic with an international approach to learning.
  • It’s also our aim to instill in students the ability to think and act perseverance to realize their capabilities to succeed in every step they take.
  • The school is aimed to be conducive to a child’s all-round development. The school will endeavor to equip our students with every skill needed to cope with the ever changing and evolving technology, challenges and competitions they will attend in future.
  • The school shall provide in numerical opportunities for your child to participate in wide range of sports and games co-curricular activities and thus become worthy citizen of India.
  • The school also plans to have International Faculty at regular intervals to impart International teaching methodology in teaching- learning process.

Smart Class

Smart classrooms are technology enhanced classrooms that foster opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology, such as computers, specialized software, audience, response technology and audio/visual capabilities.

Southside International School provides new age digital education solutions through smart learn classes in such a way that it holds the interest of the student and helps them to understand the concept better.

We have introduced digital learning in all classes using smart boards. We introduced NCERT published books and bring all the contents of CBSE curriculum to the screen. We are still on the look out to get more effective IT methodology to make class rooms more interactive.

Smart Classes are conducted by a teacher using a viewing screen that is attached to the projector. Students will assimilate the audio-visual information that is projected on the screen and learn about the topic.

Transport Facility

The need for safe passage of each child to school and back home is on paramount importance to us. To ensure safe travel, the school has its own fleet of school buses designed as per standards and manned by trained drivers and personnel sensitized to the need of small children. The Transport Services (optional) is operated by the school and a separate transport fee is charged for this. For supervision and monitoring a transport attendant is on board throughout the journey.

Mobile phones have been provided in each bus that ensures efficiency in terms of service and better communication in case of emergencies. Besides ensuring the implementation of the safety norms, all staff on the bus is well trained in first aid and emergency management.

Divisions and batches are allotted as per the transport requisitions put forth by the students as transport service is not available for a few batches. Kindly enquire with our transport department before finalizing with the admission process.


Abacus education has consistently been considered as an established approach to improve brain. This form of education not only enables one to calculate in a manner similar to that of a calculator but also helps one in having an enhanced visualization power and a more efficient brain. This simple calculating device goes a long way in clearing the complex mathematical concepts clearly to the students, especially those who are slow learners.

‘Learn by fun’ technique always proves fruitful. Therefore Abacus, also called a ‘counting frame’ is well adopted for doing calculations in primary classes.

Southside International school provides such a abacus education to the children and enhance their visualization power and a more efficient brain.


Yoga trains the mind and soul of the students. Students from KG to Std. X are taught Yoga in the school.

As a part of new scheme of pedagogy, we have yoga classes as a part of the regular schooling with syllabus.

Sanitary Incinerator Machine

It is much essential to have sanitary napkin incinerators at school. As per a recent survey many of the adolescent girls drop out their education due to the lack of menstrual knowledge and poor access to sanitation facilities at school. It is our fundamental right to provide basic sanitation facilities.

Education and awareness about menstrual hygiene, accessible to sanitary products and adequate sanitary facilities at school would improve the schooling experience. By placing the incinerators it is evident that girl children can attend and reach their full potential in schools. In the absence of incinerators the disposed napkins are dumped in the waste bins either flushed down in the toilets

Southside International school provides such hygiene and sanitation facility in our campus to provide our girl children will attend and reach their full potential in class activities and other events too. Thus we provide adequate sanitary facilities at school and provide the schooling experience.


The School has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science and Maths. Students are encouraged to use these laboratories to learn through experiments. Every year latest instruments, specimens, charts etc. are purchased for these laboratories. Today, high school science education aims to provide scientific literacy for all as part of a liberal education and to prepare students for further study, work, and citizenship. laboratories have been part of high school education for two centuries, yet a clear articulation of their role in student learning of science remains elusive.

Science Lab

Southside International School is proud to have a sophisticated Physics Laboratory with the latest facilities that equip the students to have hands on experience. The Flat-topped tables used as student workstations allow multiple arrangements and combinations for laboratory work and small-group activities. The equipment ranges from the commonly found lens, magnet, beam balance, spring balance and glass prism to the advanced apparatus like voltmeter, ammeter and resistors and spectrometers to name a few. The laboratory is also equipped with an Interactive board that allows the teachers to incorporate the latest technology in their lessons to arouse the interest and curiosity of the students.

The Chemistry Laboratory provides a platform for students to nurture the budding scientist within them. The laboratory is furnished with interactive boards for a virtual real life learning experience. The Lab is provided with the state- of- the art devices like- Fume hood, Distillation unit, Electronic weighing machine, Bunsen burners, beakers and flasks. The acids and other reactive chemicals are stored in separate locked cupboards as a further precautionary measure. The apparatus includes the common place strikers, mortar and pestle, clay triangles, watch glasses, crucibles, crucible tongs, chemical spoon, stirring rods, filter funnels and a variety of stoppers.

Biology Lab

Biology laboratory is well equipped with interactive boards. All the specimens are exhibited in the glass cupboard. All the charts are hung on the wall to help the pupils learn easily. The Human Skeleton System kept in the lab attracts everyone. The laboratory apparatus ranges from simple slides, test-tube, petridishes to the composite microscopes of varying powers to observe samples and organisms closely. Besides the aforesaid the laboratory also has charts, models and specimens meant for demonstrations.

Computer Lab

The computer Science Lab is situated on the 1st floor of the Southside International School. The computer Science Lab is one of the best equipped labs in terms of infrastructure. It can accommodate all the students at one time. The ambience in the lab sets the mood for the right thinking and molding of future citizens of the world.

Math Lab

Math Lab is a place where students can learn and explore various mathematics concepts and verify various mathematical facts and theorems using variety of activities and it is well equipped with necessary kits and tools. It provides an opportunity to the students to understand and internalize the basic mathematical concepts through concrete objects and situations. It provides greater scope for individual participation in the process of learning and becoming autonomous learners.

A child can perceive a concept thoroughly only with the combination of theoretical teaching in a classroom and hands on experience in a lab. Math needs practice, interest and brainpower which are fostered by the Math lab. The Math Lab makes Math simple and fun for students. The lab is well equipped to demonstrate and elucidate any topic. It enables the teachers to demonstrate and reinforce Mathematical concepts. Hence, it helps in mental enhancement in areas of Math like Algebra, Arithmetic, Calculus, Geometry, Statistics, and Trigonometry etc.


The library provides many children with their first chance to use and enjoy a library. The school library is a welcoming place for study and reading. The school library is to support the students and teachers by providing access to current, adequate and appropriate information resources. It is also to ensure that all the students, teachers and staff are effectively using the ideas and information. The library encourages the love of reading and development of student’s independent learning skills.

The Southside International School provides access to information not just to widen the horizons of the users’ knowledge but also to support a host of their learning activities that range from book learning and newspaper reading. Librarians are not just the gatekeepers here but the facilitators in a larger process aimed at improving the quality of life of the individual. We are driven by the motto to strive hard with commitment and dedication, which requires team spirit and tenacity to serve the strategic information requirements of the academic community on a continual basis pin-pointedly, exhaustively and expeditiously.

Southside International School is proud to have a library equipped with a variety of books. It has a collection of around 3000 books ranging from fiction to facts. It subscribes over 10 magazines and journals and about 10 local and international newspapers. The library not only has books related to the syllabus but also books on various subjects including books on science and management. Reading newspapers in the library is a treat, with an excellent reading room attached to it. The success of library is a testimony that people still like reading books even in the computer world.

Water Purifier

The school has the facility of water purifier unit to provide the students with pure and hygienic drinking water. School was equipped with facility to process water – A reverse osmosis water treatment plant. The facility now provides treated drinking water to the students. The school is providing purified drinking water for all the students and for the said purpose, the school has installed five centralized Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purification plant of various capacities like 250 l/hr, 500 l/hr, 750 l/hr and 1000 l/hr installed in various buildings in the school. The said water purification plant eliminates contaminations from the water along with TDS and removes the odor and enhances the taste of water. Such water purification plants remove all unnecessary bacteria and virus from the water which is hazardous to health. The filtration process also removes the toxins and makes water clean, pure and fit for drinking. The entire system is automated and the purified drinking water is provided to all our students throughout the day through sufficient number of taps.


Schools play a powerful role in shaping students’ lifelong habits and behaviors. The classroom experience, in particular, is ripe with opportunities to seamlessly integrate physical activity and nutrition education into lessons and activities. In turn, healthy classroom activities improve classroom focus and behavior, and help decrease absenteeism.

The classrooms are bright and airy. The furniture and décor of each classroom at Southside International School has been designed for different student groups to facilitate improved teaching and learning. No section has more than 30 students. The classrooms at Southside International School are also equipped with modern technological teaching aids like projectors and smart boards. Use of cutting edge technology helps to make the class more interactive and the lessons more interesting.


The school playground is one of the most important places in our young students’ lives. From the time that children start preschool, all the way through the end of elementary school, the playground is the main place where they spend breaks and recess. Playground equipment isn&@8217;t there just for fun, it actually helps kids develop important motor skills and problem-solving skills. When kids have the opportunity to go out and get some fresh air, they are also developing important life skills along the way. The school playground allows them to climb, jump, swing, and slide. All of these movements are important building blocks of the gross motor skills that they will constantly need to use throughout their lives.

Our school playground has courts for volley – Ball, Basket Ball, Tennikoit, KhoKho and Badminton to enable the players to train themselves steadily and win the tournaments. There is a mini park for Tiny-Tots with See-Saw, Swing and Merry -go-Round.

Extra Curricular Activities

We lay considerable stress on extra-curricular activities like Drawing, Music, Karate and Skating.


With an overwhelming number of students, it is quite common to have students who fall sick or get hurt while playing. The first aid room in the school has a nurse during school hours who takes care of such children. First aid is admitted to the students as and when necessary.

Managing Committee Members

Name Occupation Address Relationship
Mrs. G. Maheswari Principal 1/336-11, Valluvan Nagar, Mathinayakkanpatti road, Virudhunagar. Member Secretary
Mrs. S. Maha Teacher 608, 13th street, Subramaniyapuram Colony, Sivakasi Member Teacher
Mrs. U. Geethalakshmi Teacher 4/1345, Samypuram Colony, Sivakasi. Member Teacher
Mrs.S. Alagu kumar F/O A. Swathi G- X Farmer 4/419, West street, Perapatti, Anuppankulam (po). Member Parent
Mrs. M. Mahalakshmi M/O. P. Sri prajith G- V Teacher 1/223, Kannan Kovil street, Vetrilaiyurani (po), Sivakasi (TK) Member Parent
Mrs. A. Geetha Teacher Kammavar Hr.Sec.School, Sivakasi 586/C2A, Periyar Nagar (Govt School Opp), Byepass Road, Sattur. Member Public
Mrs. N. Leela Retired Teacher 21 – A co – operative building society colony street, Chidambaram Nagar, Sattur. Member Public


School Heads

Team Photo

R. Darwin Raja Kumar

G – X

(Head Boy)

Team Photo

R.K. Priya Dharshini

G – X

(Head Girl)

Red House

Team Photo

S. Veera Sundar

G – X


Team Photo

R. Joshina

G – IX

(Vice Captain)

Green House

Team Photo

K.P. Gowtham

G – X


Team Photo

V. Madhubala

G – IX

(Vice Captain)

Blue House

Team Photo

S. Potrriselvan

G – X


Team Photo

A. Nivetha Kiran

G – IX

(Vice Captain)

Yellow House

Team Photo

R. Karuppasamy Surya Prakash

G – X


Team Photo

R. Jasmine Johannal

G – X

(Vice Captain)

Discipline Committee

We have formed a discipline committee to take action and to oversee the general activities of the students and staff. The following are nominated by the Correspondent as members.

Chair person Mrs. G. Maheswari (Principal)
Vice Principal Mrs. S. Pandiammal
Managing committee member Mrs. N. Leela
Physical Education Teacher Mr. M. Karuppasamy
Members Mrs. K. Muthuramalakshmi
Mrs. S. Vijayalakshmi
Mrs. S. Gnanadevi
Miss. M. Preetha

Grievance Redressal Committee


A Grievance Redressal committee has been formed in our school to settle genuine grievances of students, staff and parents up to a satisfaction level so as to create a healthy relationship among the students, parent’s employees and employer. The grievance will include any matter relating to student and staff. The committee is requested to contribute effectively to dispose the grievances at the earliest.


  • To deals with all the genuine grievances of students and staff of the school.
  • All complainant should file their grievances either by writing in paper to the committee or by online on the website of the school.
  • The committee will meet at least once in a month to resolve the grievances.
  • To take conclusive decision and submit its recommendations to the deciding authority for removal of alleged grievances.
  • The student/staff shall bring up his grievance in a prescribe format immediately to the grievance cell without fail. The number of grievance settled or pending will be report to the Principal in every month.
  • Monthly meeting will be on every third saturday 4p.m to 5p.m.


  • A compliant box is provided at the ground floor for students.
  • All grievances referred to the Grievance Redressal committee shall be entered in a Register by designated member.
  • All complaints should be resolved within a time frame by looking into its seriousness and by two way approach.
  • The result of the grievance will be informed to the complainant within the period defined.
  • Any staff/ student may report directly to the principal for resolving their grievance if he/she is dissatisfied by the GRC.
Members Designation Contact Number
Mrs. C. Ananthavalli Convener 98949 90855
Mr. A. Alagu Kumar Parent 97900 66096
Mrs. N. Leela Public 80152 82068
Mrs. P. Kalai Selvi Public 97501 29690

Children Safety Committee

The following teachers are nominated for Children’s Safety Committee as per CBSE norms. They will ensure the safety of all children of our school. They will meet monthly once to discuss about the safety lines of the children and submit report to the managing committee. The minutes of the meeting are recorded.

S.No Members Designation Contact No
1 Mrs. G. Maheswari Principal 9894990855
2 Mrs. S. Pandiammal TGT 97900 66096
3 Mr. M. Karuppasamy PT 1 80152 82068
4 Mrs. S. Saraswathi TGT 97501 29690


The following teachers forms a committee to prevent any sexual harassment to the children and the women working in our campus. Periodical meeting will be conducted and review the situation and do the needful to set right.

S.No Members Designation Contact No
1 Mrs. G. Maheswari Principal 99409 18179
2 Mrs. J. Veluthai TGT 87786 61274
3 Mrs. P. Vijayalakshmi TGT 96552 35274
4 Mrs. T. Kaleeswari TGT 99438 17548
5 Mrs. K. Janani TGT 97917 03840

Teaching Staff Details

S.No Teacher’s Name Qualification Designation
1. G. Maheswari M. Sc., B.Ed., Principal
2. J. Ragavan B. A., B.Ed., TGT
3. J. Veluthai B. A., B.Ed., TGT
4. M. Preetha B. A., B.Ed., TGT
5. U. Geethalakshmi M. A., B.Ed., TGT
6. S. Gnanadevi M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed. TGT
7. P. Vijayalakshmi M.A., B.Ed., PRT
8. T. Kaleeswari B.Sc., B.Ed., TGT
9. S. Ramya M.Sc., B.Ed., TGT
10. C. Ananthavalli M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., TGT
11. K. Janani M.Sc., B.Ed., TGT
12. S. Saraswathi M.A., B.Ed., PRT
13. S. Usha B.Sc., B.Ed., PRT
14. S. Maha M.A., B.Ed., TGT
15. S. Vijayalakshmi B.A., (Hindi) PRT
16. S. Pandiammal M.Sc., B.Ed., TGT
11. A. Prabha B.Com., MLISC Librarian
17. A. Prabha B.Com., MLISC Librarian
18. K. Muthuramalakshmi B. A., B.Ed., PRT
19. P. Kalai Selvi M.A., M.Ed., PRT
20. S. Selvan M.Sc., Psychology Special Educator
21. K. Lakshmi Priya B.Sc., Nursing Wellness Teacher
22. P. Karuppasamy B.A., M.PEd., PT1

Non - Teaching Staff Details

S.No Teacher’s Name Qualification Designation
1. K. Ambika B.Com (CA)., D.El.Ed., Junior Assistant

Students Strength 2022 - 2023

Grade Boys Girls Total
KG I 17 7 24
KG II 9 8 17
I 9 12 21
II 8 10 18
III 20 12 32
IV 13 8 21
V 6 6 12
VI 11 7 18
VII 8 10 18
VIII 8 8 16
IX 3 5 8
X 4 2 6
Total 116 95 211

School Information

1 Affiliation Number allotted by CBSE to the school 1930702
2 Name of the School as per affiliation letter of CBSE SOUTHSIDE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL
3 Address of the School: 2/557 - D, KRR Nagar, Mettamalai, Sattur TK, Virudhunagar District, TN - 626 203
4 Standard/level/class up to which the school is running LKG to X std
5 Is the name and address of school in CBSE affiliation letter and State NOC/Recognition/U-DISE same exactly the same Yes
6 U - DISE code allotted to the school 33261100406
7 Name and address of the Trust/Society/Company/ (under section-8) running the School as on date K.R.Rengappa Naidu Telegu minority education & Charitable Trust
8 Is the Trust/Society/Company duly registered with the competent registering authority and the registration is valid as on date? Yes
9 Purpose of present application Extention of provisional Affiliation
10 Location of the school
9.404 N
77.88 E
11 Has the school obtained Recognition Certificate from the State Government from class - I to 10th? Yes
12 Number of Recognition Certificate from class - 1 to 10th and date of issue: 004-31-S-0030-0523


13 Is the school situated contiguous plot of land bounded on all sides by a Pucca Boundary Wall? Yes
14 Are both the School and the Play Ground situated in a single continuous Boundary Wall on all sides? Yes
15 Total area (in square meters) in respect of 12 and 13 above on which the school is situated: 8600 sq.metre
16 The land is in the possession of the school/Trust/Society/Company legally by way of: School
17 Name of the Owner/ Lessee of the land in respect of point - 14 above: Lease - Southside International School
18 In case the land in the possession of the society/school by way of lease as per State Government norms, the period of the lease: 31 years
19 Is any public road, canal or thorough-fare, HT line etc. passing through the land in respect of point - 14 above? NO
20 Has the school been inspected by the Government engineer and the school building been found structurally safe for running a school? Yes
21 If yes the date of last inspection: 01.06.2020
22 Has the school been inspected by the officer of Government Fire Department and the school building been declared safe for school from the point of view of fire safety? Yes
23 If Yes the date of last inspection: 02.09.2022
24 Has the school compound been checked by the public health department and the health and sanitary conditions been found to be satisfactory and the water has been found safe for drinking? Yes
25 If yes the date of last inspection: 17.11.2022


26 Does the school have well defined service rules and conditions for its employees as per prevalent norms of appropriate Government? Yes
27 Is the school paying salary to the teachers and other employees as per the norms of the appropriate Government? Yes
28 Is the salary to the teachers and other employees of the school being paid through the bank by mode of electronic clearing? (Payment by cheque or cash to the individuals is not allowed) Yes By ECS


I Love my Southside...

I love my Teachers...

I Love my Friends...

I Love my Southside

I Love my School

You are my Heart

You are my beat

I never... never... never... forget you

You are my future

You are my life

You are my heart

You are my beat

I never... never... never... forget you

I Love my Teachers

I Love my Friends

You are my heart

You are my beat

I never... never... never... forget you


We shall overcome we shall overcome we shall overcome someday.

Oh! Deep in my heart I do belief

We shall overcome someday.

We are in Victory, We are in Victory

We are in Victory someday

Oh! Deep in my heart I do belief

We are in Victory someday

We walk hand in hand, we walk hand in hand

We Walk hand in hand someday

Oh! Deep in my heart I do belief

We walk hand in hand someday

Truth shall set us free, Truth shall set us free

Truth shall set us free someday

Oh! Deep in my heart, I do belief

Truth shall set us free someday

We shall live in peace, We shall live in peace

We shall live in peace someday

Oh! Deep in my heart, I do belief

We shall live in peace someday


1) All things bright and beautiful

All creatures great and small

All things wise and wonderful

The Lord God made them all.

2) Each little flower that opens,

Each little bird that sings,

He made their glowing colors

He made their tiny wings, (ALL)

3) The purple headed mountain

The river running by

The sunset and the morning

That brighten up the sky, (ALL)

4) The cold wind in the winter

The pleasant summer sun

The ripe fruits in the garden

He made them every one (ALL)

5) The tall trees In the greenwood

The meadows where we play

The rushes by the water

Together every day(ALL)

6) He gave us to see them

And lips that we might tell

How great god is almighty

Who made all things well(ALL)

Join with Us?