Principal’s Message

“Every teaching day is a learning day”
  • Health crisis
  • Virtual learning

Behavioral changes have become the regular affairs of our human life nowadays. We have learnt and adjusted our lives accordingly to some extent. But the youth at present find it difficult to come to terms. As we can scan through the media we would have enough to know about it. This is the time and it is highly imperative for the schools to mould the youngsters to face the changed scenario with the right perspective and approach.

We, in Southside International School having realized the significance of this, have been adjusting and realigning ourselves at the appropriate time.

The response from the students, staff and parents has been positive and encouraging. It has also paved the way to bring more laurels and achievements by our students in forth coming academic years. These are very important steps in the annals of the Southside International School (CBSE).

“Education is the transmission of civilization”.

With love & affection,

G. Maheshwari M.Sc., B.Ed.,

(The Principal)

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